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Fallout 4 adds new quests and area you can download free now

Fallout 4 adds new quests and area you can download free now

Explore history in this brand new quest

It is always an exciting time to see video games get inspired by real life places and history and that is the case for this Fallout 4 expansion which adds all of that and more.

It is already common knowledge that Fallout 4’s setting is based on the city of Boston and the surrounding Massachusetts region known as The Commonwealth. With the Bethesda series inspired by real United States locations, it is no wonder that fans wish to delve even more into their histories.

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That is the case for one modding pair on Nexus Mods who have created Boon Island, a “brand-new world space based on a real-life island with a tragic history, found between Boston and Far Harbor.”

The new area features a fully-voiced quest, a secluded island settlement, a detailed ocean floor and much more. Additionally, the quest ties in with the lore so make sure you’re caught up on Fallout 4’s story before you dive into this one.

As well as the main settlement, the map also includes three minor locations you can explore and when you’re not busy exploring, you can fix the broken buildings and make the house a home.

In real life, Boon Island - located in Maine - is the home to an unassuming lighthouse with a tragic history. It has often been linked to devastating shipwrecks, rumours of cannibalism and even fires, madness, deadly illnesses and harrowing storms.

This eerie location is depicted perfectly in the Boon Island mod which the creators made using custom textures, meshes and even a custom Pip-Boy map.

When you are not battling the ever-changing weather or looting the nearby areas, you will get to listen to some music taken from some older Fallout titles for that touch of nostalgia.

With the addition of a working boat, immersive repairs and even an optional side quest, Boon Island is guaranteed to make you fall back in love with Fallout 4.

Featured Image Credit: Shreddah4 via NexusMods

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