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Fallout 4 game-changing secret discovered after 9 years

Fallout 4 game-changing secret discovered after 9 years

Some more Fallout lore for you

Fallout is on the lips of many gamers at the moment following the highly acclaimed Amazon TV show which premiered recently. It not only gave us a new Fallout story to enjoy, but it featured some lore and a few callbacks.

This had Fallout fans very excited, especially as the next game, Fallout 5, won’t see the light of day for many years.

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This sudden rediscovery of love for the Fallout franchise has brought back creators from the original games to discuss details, some obvious, some obscure, that connect this world of games to each other.

One such tidbit, that falls into the realm of unbelievable came from Bethesda Studio Design Director, Emil Pagliarulo, who dropped the bombshell that the male protagonist from Fallout 4 is actually linked to the original game from 1997.

According to Pagliarulo, the male protagonist, Nate, actually appeared in the intro video for the first Fallout game. He can be seen around 50 seconds into the intro standing next to a soldier in power armour.

Nate watches on as the other solider executes a rebel, and then he apparently disappears until Fallout 4.

Pagliarulo commented on the connection between the games saying, “Remember the Fallout 1 opening movie? Annexation of Canada? SAME. GUY. (No, NOT the shooter!).”

So, there’s a link you probably never even considered. And the timeline checks out - Fallout 4 takes place in 2287 but the events don’t play out until after we see Nate and his family in 2077, before the war starts.

Some fans have responded saying this is a convenient bit of lore, but Pagliarulo insists that “People and places have histories that shape them. Just because you don't know every detail doesn't make them any less true.”

There you have it, another little crumb of Fallout lore to go into the history books.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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