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Fallout 4 free new-gen update and brand-new content officially coming this month

Fallout 4 free new-gen update and brand-new content officially coming this month

Time to return to Fallout 4

The Fallout 4 ‘new-gen’ update has been a long time coming, but it will finally arrive this month. The update plans to upgrade many aspects of the game to bring it in line with its modern counterparts.

According to Bethesda, the Fallout 4 update will be available for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series consoles.

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The date for release is 25 April and the top line for this update is the optimisation for Fallout 4 to run both a performance and quality mode for the graphics, which will increase resolution and FPS.

This update includes a variety of bug fixes and stability improvements, making for a fresh experience.

PC players, do not fret, Bethesda has you covered. The update will be coming to PC also, bringing updated monitor support for those with widescreen and ultra-wide displays.

Alongside this update, Fallout 4 will be purchasable on the Epic Game Store and will receive a ‘verified’ badge for Steam Deck.

It’s not surprising that the update finally arrives this month given the game on everyone’s lips currently is Fallout, due in part to the Amazon TV series that recently premiered starring Ella Purnell and Walton Goggins.

It’s great to see the franchise resurface, even if we’re still waiting on Fallout 5, as it gives us a perfect reason to head back into the wastelands once more.

Fallout 4 was released back in 2015 and was a huge hit for Bethesda. The game takes place 215 years after “The Great War” and chronicles a search for your missing son after you wake up from stasis in Vault 111.

The game eventually saw several DLC packs that expanded the story and the explorable world and it quickly became a favourite in the series for many.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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