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EA quietly cancels the single-player game we've been begging for

EA quietly cancels the single-player game we've been begging for

Oh, this one stings.

When you think about it, there are countless games that have been cancelled without our knowledge. Maybe there was another Sleeping Dogs game in the works before the big red button was pressed. An Assassin's Creed game set in the Irish Rebellions might have seen the light of day had history taken another course. This latest one stings a lot, though.

Against all of the odds, Apex Legends was off to an amazing start in 2019 with 25 million players by the end of its first week. I say "against all of the odds" due to the fact that its launch counted as a shadow drop, which is a notoriously difficult thing to do, even with the reputation of Respawn Entertainment and the support of Electronic Arts. Set in the Titanfall universe, the game breathed new life into the legacy of that iconic first-person shooter, scattering Easter eggs for veteran players and piquing the curiosity of cadets. And in 2021, we learned that there was a single-player Apex Legends game in development that would bridge the two worlds even more.

Dead Space, from Motive Studio, has recently released - check out the spine-chilling trailer for the remake here!

Unfortunately, it transpires that this single-player Apex Legends game might have been binned. A report from Bloomberg states that three sources told them that Titanfall Legends, the coolest codename this project could have possibly had, is no more. The lead on this game was Mohammed Alavi who had previously promised fans that a "small, but ambitious team with a history of dreaming big and making splashes" would be working on the single-player outing. To address the elephant in the room, it's unlikely that this was Titanfall 3 as Respawn Entertainment now uses the terminology "Apex universe" to refer to its unannounced games, pointed out by PC Gamer.

Still, Alavi's LinkedIn profile corroborates the loss of the new Apex Legends game as he used to be the creative director up until January, 2022. It's a shame as I'm sure that Titanfall Legends could have been a proper smash-hit with longtime fans.

Featured Image Credit: Electronic Arts, BBC, Adrian Infernus via Unsplash

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