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Xbox Game Pass subscribers floored by 'fantastic' new free game

Xbox Game Pass subscribers floored by 'fantastic' new free game

From the developer of... The Evil Within?

This Xbox Game Pass latest addition is being bestowed tonnes and tonnes of praise by its players only one day after its launch, and honestly, after reading these reviews, I'm watching the clock til I can end my shift and boot it up myself.

Hi-Fi Rush dropped on 25 January and it is already a roaring success. Funnily enough, it's from the developer of The Evil Within games and Ghostwire: Tokyo, Tango Gameworks, so it just goes to show you never truly know someone. As an action-adventure rhythm game, Hi-Fi Rush follows Chai who accidentally receives a robotic arm in a failed experiment. He can now feel the beat of the world and with a motley crew of mates, they set their sights on the evil corporation that did this to him in the first instance.

Crucially, though, no one knew this game was about to arrive and it's a manageable price on PC, so that's probably part of why it's been received with such rave reviews.

Check out the trailer here:

"The game itself is just a total blast and thrill, it brings you back to times were games were all about pure FUN, the aesthetics and vibe brings to memory the best of the Dreamcast era, where we saw the last dying breed of arcade-games-for-single-players in the forefront," said one. High praise.

"The charm, personality, artstyle, combat, story (from what I have seen so far) and most importantly the rhythm are all fantastic, and the flow between all of those things is incredibly good," added another player who's already sunk 12 hours into the game since its launch. "For a rhythm based action platformer, this may be the best implementation and execution of that idea I have ever seen."

Hi-Fi Rush is available on PC, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S as well as Xbox Game Pass now.

Featured Image Credit: Luci via Pexels, Bethesda Softworks

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