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Dr Disrespect being removed from NBA 2K following Twitch ban scandal

Dr Disrespect being removed from NBA 2K following Twitch ban scandal

More companies are breaking ties

After the drama surrounding Dr Disrespect only intensifies another company has broken ties with the streamer.

Over the past weekend, the news broke that Dr Disrespect was banned on Twitch in 2020 due to using the whisper function of the platform to inappropriately message a minor.

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It didn’t take long for Dr Disrespect to be dropped by his own game development studio and he soon admitted to the allegations being thrown at him.

Since then, several companies have begun breaking ties to the streamer and the latest in a long line is NBA 2K which featured a playable character of the content creator in NBA2K24.

2K Games has confirmed the removal which will begin to happen over the next few weeks. Dr Disrespect’s likeness, which was previously usable in the MyCareer mode, will be replaced with a generic character model and his signature abilities will also be stripped.

This change will occur during the patch for season nine of the NBA basketball title and, of course, he will not feature in future games.

While Doc insists that nothing inappropriate occurred between him and the minor, he said on Twitter, “Were there Twitch whisper messages with an individual minor back in 2017? The answer is yes.”

The streamer claims no photos were shared and there were no crimes committed. However, even Doc’s closest friends in the industry have ended their friendships and spoken out against him.

This professional relationship is just the latest to be broken off after Turtle Beach also decided to stop working with the troubled streamer.

Dr Disrespect is currently on an indefinite hiatus from streaming with no return date set after ending his last stream abruptly and commenting that riding off into the sunset sounded like a good plan.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube, Dr Disrespect, 2K Games

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