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Dr Disrespect confirms indefinite break from streaming following Twitch allegations

Dr Disrespect confirms indefinite break from streaming following Twitch allegations

Doc is stepping back

Dr Disrespect is taking a step back and taking an indefinite break from streaming. It was announced at the end of his most recent stream that he would take an extended vacation.

This decision came after allegations against the streamer dating back to his Twitch ban, broke over the weekend.

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At the end of Dr Disprespect’s most recent stream, he told his audience that he was “burned out” with “all this” to which he was referring to social media and streaming.

He remarked that it might be time to step away and stop being in front of the camera and use his talents elsewhere.

This came after former Twitch employees revealed allegations about the streamer linking them to why he was mysteriously banned from Twitch in 2020.

For years fans had wondered why the streamer was banned. It is claimed Dr Disrespect was DMing inappropriate messages to a minor and attempting to meet up with them at TwitchCon.

Despite the the content creator taking Twitch to court, where neither party admitted wrongdoing, his contract was paid out and everything remained a mystery.

When the allegations arose Doc claimed he “didn’t do anything wrong.” Since this message was relayed to his supporters, Doc has been dropped from the game developer Midnight Society, which he co-founded, and now he has announced a break from the public eye.

Doc ended his stream saying, “But I think, first and foremost though, I did have a bit of a planned vacation coming up, but I might extend that starting today. It is what it is. People get fatigued. To be honest, I don’t know how long my vacation is, but maybe I extend that. We’ll see.”

It’s unknown how long Dr Disrespect plans on being away from the streaming world but he mentioned that “maybe it’s time to start something new, something different.”

Featured Image Credit: Dr Disrespect via YouTube

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