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Developers Offer Sympathies To Rockstar After ‘Grand Theft Auto 6’ Leaks

Developers Offer Sympathies To Rockstar After ‘Grand Theft Auto 6’ Leaks

While Rockstar’s own staff are “devastated”

The weekend’s giant Grand Theft Auto VI leak might have got some players excited for what’s being worked on - although, conversely, many a response to the footage was wildly negative and supremely ignorant of how games get made. But in the development community there was a universal outpouring of support for the teams at Rockstar who’ve had material that shouldn’t be seen at this stage plastered everywhere, leading to parent company Take-Two scrambling to have it all removed. Horse, bolted, and so on, though.

As VGC reports, Xbox executive Sarah Bond is one of many to offer her thoughts and support for Rockstar as it sees its progress on the new GTA title compromised. She writes on Twitter: “It can be disheartening to have a project you’ve worked hard on to delight fans revealed and critiqued before it’s ready. I know they’re creating something special and can’t wait to experience GTA 6 when it’s officially unveiled.”

And Bond is far from alone in posting such sentiments in the fallout from yesterday’s posting of 90 clips showing in-development footage of the as-yet-unrevealed game. Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann, who’s currently overseeing the progress of HBO’s adaptation of The Last of Us while working on something all-new in the games medium, also posted his feelings and support to Twitter, saying that eventually this leak will just be “a footnote on a Wikipedia page”.

Sony Santa Monica creative director Cory Barlog, meanwhile, took a more… direct approach to expressing his thoughts after the GTA leak. Barlog - producer on the forthcoming PS4 and PS5 exclusive God of War Ragnarök - posted a photo of Indiana Jones with the caption: “I f*cking hate leaks.”

While in the indie-dev community, one studio went so far as to suggest that it’s stuff like this that gives ‘gamers’ a bad name, with the official Aggro Crab Games account posting: “Further proof that gamers deserve nothing.” Eh, bit harsh, but you can understand why significant breaches like the GTA leaks get devs so emotional - that’s a whole lot of effort, time, money and passion inarguably rocked and damaged by one person’s actions. 

As for Rockstar’s own devs, TheGamer reports that selected sources are “devastated” at the leak, the site quoting a Twitter post from YouTuber Legacy Killa: “I’m sure it’s not needed but I’ve spoken to a couple [of] sources at Rockstar Games this morning and they are all gutted. Devastated.” They add in a follow-up tweet that the studio is in “total chaos” but offer some perspective, saying that the game’s changed a lot since the clips seen in the leaked content.

As yet, no official statement about the GTA 6 leaks has been offered from Rockstar Games or its parent company Take-Two Interactive. Update: it has.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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