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Bully 2 data found hidden in GTA 5

Bully 2 data found hidden in GTA 5

Ah, the game that never was but still might be...

The crossover we didn’t know we needed might have been within reach, only to be snatched away at the last second. A recent GTA V database leak has revealed a string of code referencing Bully 2, leaving fans to once again speculate if a sequel is going to happen.

Although a lot of Rockstar fans’ focus is on GTA VI, from its enormous map to the questions over single-player expansions, some gamers are looking to the past. They’re the ones who’ve never lost hope that Bully 2 would come to be; insiders saying it’ll come after GTA VI have fanned the flames, and now this leaked code is adding further fuel.

Here's the Bully trailer for a bitter-sweet walk down memory lane.

Yet, while hope still lingers, it’s tinged with disappointment, with fans concerned that this is just further proof that the game nearly was but never will be. “We kinda know Rockstar tried to make Bully 2 multiple times but it was always cancelled, so likely it was in development around the same time RDR2 was too. Sadly, since all focus is on the next GTA, it is not likely it still is in development, but maybe hopefully there is a chance in the future,” said Mr_Nobody0 in response to the leaked code.

Another fan posited that GTA Online is the reason Bully 2 never happened, believing that if the game “didn’t take off”, we’d have got a Bully sequel and GTA VI by now as well. It’s a bold claim, one that other players have upvoted but not readily commented on.

Alongside the Bully 2 mentions, there are also references to a GTA V DLC called ‘Cops N’ Crooks’. I’m not great with analysing code, but from what fans have said, this DLC would have introduced some kind of new game mode, though the specifics are still unknown.

But what does it all mean? Why is there Bully code in a GTA V database? According to some fans, this type of occurrence isn’t as unusual as you might think, “The files themselves can be accidentally included. Plenty of people forget to switch to a release branch when uploading compiled code somewhere,” reasoned berserkuh after someone asked if this leak was bad for Rockstar.

So, this could be a case of an accident, one that was hoped to be buried but has now seen the light of day. Whether it means anything for the future of the Bully franchise, that is even less clear, though we can all live in hope.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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