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Bloodborne: The Bleak Dominion complete edition landing this June

Bloodborne: The Bleak Dominion complete edition landing this June

Return to the world of Bloodborne with The Bleak Dominion, set to launch this June.

If you’ve played Bloodborne, then you’ll know just how criminal it is that we’ve never received a sequel, or even a new-gen update.

Fans continue to yearn for such things. If you’ve ever been on social media during a PlayStation State of Play, you’ll most certainly have seen Bloodborne-related manifestation memes.

Instead, it seems that FromSoftware has its sights firmly set on the continuation of Elden Ring, which isn’t exactly something we’d want to give up - even if we do want more Bloodborne.

It’s no secret that Elden Ring is a fantastic game, winning multiple Game of the Year accolades - and dare I say it, Shadow of the Erdtree is shaping up to be even greater if that trailer is anything to go by.

The highly anticipated DLC expansion is set to drop on 21 June, taking us from the Lands Between to The Land of Shadow. I dread to think what new bosses we’ll come up against.

Shortly before then, you will actually have the opportunity to return to the world of Bloodborne. It just won’t be in the format of a video game.

Take a look at the aforementioned Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree trailer below.

The Bloodborne comic book series will soon return with the upcoming launch of Vol. 6, subtitled The Bleak Dominion.

Written by celebrated horror comics writer Cullen Bunn and illustrated by artist Piotr Kowalski, Bloodborne: The Bleak Dominion is set to launch on 11 June.

The comic will once again follow the trials and tribulations of hunters Gretchen and Abraham as they search for their lost protégé in the plagued city of Yharnam.

“Und the blood moon, a scourge of beasts stalk the streets, and a new threat lurks around every corner,” the synopsis teases.

“The duo must venture deep into the depths of the chalice dungeons in order to find Lucien, but malignant and ancient horrors await them. Will they find him? And what terrifying surprise awaits them if they do?”

If you’re a Bloodborne fan that’s yet to catch up on the comic book series, I highly urge you to.

Whilst we all love the adrenaline rush that comes with a boss fight, so too do we love Bloodborne’s lore.

The comic book series delves even deeper into that lore, offering up an enthralling new tale and some incredible artwork.

I, for one, cannot wait to dive into The Bleak Dominion and I’m sure I’m not alone.

Featured Image Credit: Titan Books, Sony Interactive Entertainment

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