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An Invincible game is officially in development

An Invincible game is officially in development

A card and dice game based on the superhero comic and TV series, Invincible, is currently being developed.

A card and dice game based on the superhero comic and TV series, Invincible, is currently being developed.

Skybound Entertainment, the company behind Invincible and a number of other series such as The Walking Dead, announced it would be partnering up with Mantic Games, a tabletop game publisher, to create a card and dice game based on Invincible.

Starting life as a comic books series, Skybounds IP really took off when it was picked up by Amazon Prime Video for an animated series that was released episodically to critical-acclaim. The story follows a young superhero named Mark who discovers he has special powers like super-strength, flight and durability. He’s trained by his dad who’s also a superhero named Omniman, while trying to balance high-school, friends and finding a job.

The series was heavily praised for its adult-themes and humour, as well as its high-quality animation and gory fight scenes.

Now fans will be able to enter the world of Invincible through a new card and dice game, that sees players take part in "push-your-luck" gameplay, that involves building a bigger deck of guards in order to earn points, also known as “reputation.” It sounds like there'll be a lot of high-risk-high-reward strategies involved.

Invincible isn’t the only Skybound IP getting a game either, as the equally as popular The Walking Dead series will also be receiving a tabletop game adaptation.

Skybound expressed excitement with the new collaboration and said: "When planning special edition 20th anniversary items for fans, we immediately thought of Mantic Games. The synergy between our two companies has elevated the tabletop gaming landscape, offering fans an extraordinary fusion of storytelling and gameplay,"

Both the Invincible and The Walking Dead tabletop games will be released later this year, tying into the release of the second season of Invincible, which will once again be airing on Amazon Prime Video.

In other news, fans are hoping for a crossover between Invincible and Mortal Kombat, believing Omniman would be a perfect guest fighter for the upcoming Mortal Kombat 1.

Featured Image Credit: Skybound Entertainment

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