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Xbox Series X/S permanent price drop leaves gamers stunned

Xbox Series X/S permanent price drop leaves gamers stunned

Xbox Series X/S owners can now grab a Seagate storage expansion card for a much lower price.

It’s fair to say that Xbox is experiencing somewhat of a rocky patch right now, but there is some good news amidst all of the drama. Microsoft has permanently lowered the price of the Xbox Series X/S storage expansion card - and it’s a really great saving.

First, allow me to bring you up to speed on the latest Xbox goings on. Recently, Redfall was released in what many are calling an abysmal state. The problem is, Xbox could really do with a smash hit. The Series X/S generation simply doesn’t have the same calibre of first-party titles when compared to the PS5 or Nintendo Switch. In fact, many Xbox users are now concerned about the state of Starfield given how much pressure is riding on that release. Starfield is, of course, made by a different studio to Redfall - and Bethesda have a great reputation, so we should stay optimistic.

Speaking of Starfield, take a look at the game in action below.

I shouldn’t think too many Xbox users are struggling for space on their consoles right now, given the lack of major releases. There have been some great successes like the wonderful Hi-Fi Rush - although this isn’t a storage muncher. If you are low on space though, the Seagate expansion cards have just received a hefty drop.

As reported by Engadget, the 512GB model now starts at $90, the 1TB model will set you back by $150, while the 2TB option now costs $280. That means the 1TB option has received a 32% price drop, while the 2TB option is 30% off. They were previously priced at $220 and $400, respectively.

If you’re in the UK, you’ll likely find these price drops available from third-party retailers but not yet on the official Microsoft Store. At the time of writing, several size options are out of stock and it’s believed that when these do restock, they’ll be available at the new price point.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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