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We Kill Monsters is the twisted baby of Zelda and Elden Ring

We Kill Monsters is the twisted baby of Zelda and Elden Ring

We Kill Monsters is perfect for fans of both The Legend of Zelda and Elden Ring.

What would happen if you took the wholesome world of The Legend of Zeldas Hyrule and mixed in some of the macabre world of Elden Ring’s Lands Between? That is seemingly what one developer asked itself when it created We Kill Monsters.

We Kill Monsters is an upcoming action-adventure RPG from the developers at Glass Revolver. Played either solo or in co-op, you will find yourself in a mysterious and massive pit and it is your job as a Husk of Edinu to hunt down Angels.

Check out the We Kill Monsters teaser trailer below!

“In their search for Heaven, they found nothing”, reads the official Steam synopsis.

“Thrown into The Shell, homunculi are made to explore and hunt within the massive pit below their birthplace, the Dying City of Edinu. The only hope for the city lies through the use of Primordial Fluid, the blood flowing through The Shell.”

What follows is an exploration through the many layers of the city with the homunculi able to traverse giant structures with various navigation tools. You will also have to survive in the depths and so every part of the land must be explored in order to find clothes, food, weapons and equipment.

Playing with friends will be even more enjoyable when the time comes to set up camp. It is here you will be able to craft, trade, and even play guitar with your co-op buddies whilst you wait for night to pass. If you can’t bring your own friends, you can team up with fellow Husks on your journey and even hunt the Angels with them. How you set off on your journey is entirely up to you.

We Kill Monsters is yet to receive a release date but fans of Elden Ring and The Legend of Zelda should definitely keep an eye on this epic RPG from publishers Annapurna Interactive.

Featured Image Credit: Glass Revolver, Bandai Namco

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