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Get a taste for Red Dead Redemption 3 with this free Unreal Engine 5 download

Get a taste for Red Dead Redemption 3 with this free Unreal Engine 5 download

An Unreal demo giving off Red Dead Redemption 3 vibes

While not a traditional game, The Old West: Northwood is certainly giving off a lot of Red Dead Redemption vibes. It's a walking simulator designed to fully showcase Unreal Engine 5 and showoff what can be done with the engine. Though with its Wild West setting, it could very well be channelling Rockstar Games megahit.

Red Dead Redemption is a big inspiration for many creators

In this stunning demo, you play a local sherif in an abandoned town. It can be played in first or third-person and you're equipped with a lantern which, of course, shows how gorgeous the lighting systems are through Unreal Engine 5. This is very much a tech demo - you can control the weather and the time of day, to really get a sense of what is possible in the graphics engine.

Just a few of the things implemented in the demo are:

  • Water ripples (character interactions)
  • Snow trails with VFX
  • Dynamic wind (trees, grass) depending on weather conditions
  • Clothing becomes wet when it rains or comes into contact with water
  • Buildings and objects become wet in the rain
  • Water dripping from roofs (during and after rain)
  • Accumulation of snow and dust on clothing
  • Accumulation of snow and dust on buildings
  • Ragdoll physics when the character falls from a height

You'll need a pretty beefy PC to experience the demo with all bells and whistles ramped up, but you can just watch the YouTube video is you want a taster. If you do however have a 40 Series Nvidia cards, you'll get all those beautiful visuals and weather effects.

Demos like this are great to get a feel for what's possible throughout this current generation of games and what could come next. The Old West: Northwood was made by a solo designer and it is breathtaking, imagine what could be done with a huge team and large budget.

Featured Image Credit: Epic Games

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