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Twitch streamer tricked into shaving head and eyebrows during subathon

Twitch streamer tricked into shaving head and eyebrows during subathon

A Twitch streamer was tricked into shaving his head and eyebrows during a subathon event.

Twitch can be a weird, wonderful, and occasionally cruel place. Some streamers are willing to do anything for viewers’ entertainment, but this also means that things can backfire very easily.

As GameRant reports, Fortnite streamer Lacy, who has over 82K followers on Twitch at the time of writing, was (and currently, still is) running a subathon event on his channel when he was duped into shaving his hair and eyebrows off by a viewer. The event started on 18 June, and encourages viewers to donate Twitch Bits (currency primarily obtained by purchasing it using real money) to Lacy, who had previously outlined a list of activities which he would perform on stream if certain goals were hit. Not only that, but the more Bits that are donated, the longer the stream will keep going for - 10,000 Bits, for example, extends the stream by an additional two hours.

Take a look at some of the greatest livestream wins and fails below.

Lacy’s lofty 750K Bit goal activity was to shave his hair and eyebrows off - when you consider that one Bit is the equivalent of one American cent, that means that he needed to hit around $7,500 in donations in order to go through with the shave. It appeared that the goal had finally been hit when one viewer donated the equivalent of $2,500, and the streamer complied with his promise.

Unfortunately for Lacy though, not long after he’d shaved his head, he found out that the huge donation had been refunded, meaning that he’d seemingly gone through with it for nothing.

“You made me shave my head bald, shave my f**king eyebrows, to refund? I don’t even wanna finish the subathon, bro. I don’t even wanna finish it,” the streamer said, visibly upset.

On Twitter, Lacy wrote: “Deadass feel sick to my stomach. I just shaved my head bald for my largest donator of the subathon to refund [I don’t even know] what to say.”

The streamer decided to persevere with the subathon in the end though, and it doesn’t currently look like it’s set to end anytime soon. In fact, at the time of writing, viewers have donated a total of 1,272,011 Bits to Lacy, which is significantly more than the 750K goal which led to him shaving his head.

Featured Image Credit: Twitch, Lacy via Twitch

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