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Gamers horrified to discover dents in their heads after prolonged headset use

Gamers horrified to discover dents in their heads after prolonged headset use

Gamers have been left horrified after discovering dents in their heads after prolonged headset use.

If you’re reading this article then I’m going to go ahead and guess that you like gaming. With that being the case, I’m sure you use a headset from time to time. Whether it’s so you can play into the early hours of the morning without waking your whole household up, to allow you to play and chat with friends, or to communicate with your streaming followers, headsets are incredibly useful, but they may be denting your head. Oh dear.

As reported by our friends over at UNILAD, gamers and streamers alike are discovering large dents on the tops of their heads from prolonged headphone use. If you wear headsets daily, you may have noticed somewhat of an indentation going horizontally across your noggin. The .. trend? Phenomenon? I’m not exactly sure what we’re referring to this as, but what I’m trying to say is that people began noticing after streamer curtosslive began shaving his head during a charity stream.

Livestreams are packed full with entertaining moments. Take a look at some of our favourite wins and fails below.

As reported by Dexerto, curtosslive took the shaver to his head, starting at the forehead and working backwards. When the streamer passed the halfway mark, he noticed a pretty sizable dent. He said, “Dude, the shaver’s working like a champ. I’ve got an indent right here! This is where my headphones go. I have a f**king headphone indent in my head? What the f**k? I always thought that was just my hair. I thought it was my hair that did that.” Watch the clip below.

Do we need to be alarmed about our headphone use? Not really. It turns out, most of these dents are temporary and will raise after you take your headphones off. A study by the National Library of Medicine confirms that it would take a weight of at least 135 kg to cause a minor fracture or indent to the skull and clearly, headphones are not that weighty so if you do get a dent, panic not.

The biggest risk that headphones pose is actually to your hearing. Experts claim you should only wear headphones for a maximum of 90 minutes a day, listening at 80% of the volume. Use your tech wisely, my friends.

Featured Image Credit: curtosslive via Twitch, Tyler1 via Twitch

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