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Twitch Streamer's Watermelon Challenge Totally Wrecks Her PC

Twitch Streamer's Watermelon Challenge Totally Wrecks Her PC

Meowko had been placing rubber bands over the watermelon for over an hour when it finally exploded, wrecking her PC.

Oh, Twitch. You never cease to amaze. The Amazon-owned streaming platform is always full of weird and wonderful antics, whether that’s streamers literally being attacked by real, live bats mid-game, or the mere existence of Tony the Tiger as a VTuber, complete with his own Frosted Flakes gaming setup (including a milk-cooled PC). 

Take a look at some more incredible wins and fails from the platform below.

As reported by Dexerto, one streamer’s day very quickly went downhill recently when she attempted the watermelon challenge, live on stream, in her bedroom. For those unfamiliar, the challenge basically sees its victims placing hundreds of rubber bands around the big ol’ fruit until the pressure eventually causes it to explode. As more and more bands get placed, it kind of becomes like an extreme, juicy version of Buckaroo - you know it’s going to blow at some point, but who knows which band will be the melon’s breaking point.

Obviously, the outcome of this challenge is always going to be a messy one, and streamer Meowko thought that she’d come into the situation prepared by covering her PC in plastic wrap, in order to protect it. Yeah, that… didn’t work. According to Dexerto, after more an hour of placing over 220 rubber bands on the watermelon, it exploded everywhere, and it didn’t end well. Take a look below.

Over on Twitter, responding to the situation, Meowko confirmed that the explosion “killed” her PC. “Never again in my room,” she added. Please, don’t try this one at home.

Featured Image Credit: Meowko via Twitch

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