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The Walking Dead explained how the zombie virus started, and you probably missed it

The Walking Dead explained how the zombie virus started, and you probably missed it

Just how did the virus start?

The Walking Dead has been on our screens in one way or another for over a decade and it’s usually shied away from revealing the origins of the zombie virus. That is until recently.

Even Robert Kirkman, the original writer of the comic book inspiration never got around to explaining this detail. It seems it was always meant to be a mystery in the source material.

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However, after many spin-offs and fans asking for years, The Walking Dead has given you an answer via a post-credit scene from The Walking Dead: World Beyond season two finale.

If you missed it, and that’s likely as so many viewers jumped ship a long time ago, this is how it went down.

The scene shows an abandoned biomedical facility in France as one of the lab’s former researchers breaks in with the hope of continuing to find a cure for the virus.

While they’re in the building they’re accosted by a survivor. The researcher attempts to explain their plan to save the world and end the disaster, when they’re met by the response, “End this? You started this.”

If that wasn’t enough, there’s some graffiti on a wall that reads “Les Morts Sont Nés Ici” which translates to “The dead are born here.”

It’s then explained that the researcher was part of two teams - Violet and Primrose - who were working on a project that ultimately became the virus.

It’s said that the Primrose team travelled to the United States possibly hinting that they weren’t the only lab working on the project.

Ultimately, it seems the virus was somehow released (this is still a secret) and the survivor knows a lot about what occurred, perhaps placing them in the facility too, and being someone who originally opposed the project.

There will surely be more revealed over the coming months and years, but the secret, much like the virus, is out.

Featured Image Credit: AMC

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