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Rick Grimes returns in The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live

Rick Grimes returns in The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live

Amazingly, Rick keeps hanging on

Would you believe it, those rambling, never-ceasing dead are at it again, only this time in The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live. Fortunately, Rick Grimes is back and ready to face more of the horde, though just what his story involves is still closely guarded.

If you’ve lost count of the numerous The Walking Dead spin-offs, that’s okay, there’s been a lot of them – six in total, if we only count the TV adaptations. Of course, if we add TellTale’s The Walking Dead into the mix, that total skyrockets significantly.

Make sure to watch The Ones Who Live trailer for yourself!

At this point, we’re amazed there are still so many stories to tell when the vast majority of people are the undead. But we guess the zombie apocalypse works in mysterious ways. As far as this latest outing goes, Rick and Michonne have more harrowing escapades to work through, though just what that means for their relationship is left as enigmatic as ever.

The show’s description sounds like a badly written rom-com without the com: “Can they find each other and who they were in a place and situation unlike any they’ve ever known before? Are they enemies? Lovers? Victims? Victors? Without each other, are they even alive — or will they find that they, too, are the Walking Dead?”

Come on now, that sounds like some Hallmark synopsis with the classic trope of amnesia thrown in to really tick all those romance boxes. Yet, The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live isn’t exactly brimming with love.

Frustrating though it is to not know what’s to come for Rick and Michonne, as well as their new cast mates, fans don’t have long to wait before the series airs; The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live will premiere from 25 February on AMC+.

We doubt its story will be as heartbreaking as the finale of TellTale’s, but we wager there’s still a lot of pain, death, and misery to be found here. Oh, and maybe the odd uplifting moment before more death comes. You know, the usual.

Here’s to Rick and Michonne, may they find love in a hopeless place once more.

Featured Image Credit: AMC

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