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Telltale's The Walking Dead ending still absolutely wrecking fans all these years later

Telltale's The Walking Dead ending still absolutely wrecking fans all these years later

Time to discuss games that made us cry

People are discussing which games have made them cry. Of course Telltale's The Walking Dead comes up - legions of fans reached the end of that game and sobbed like newborn babies. I know I did. When the question was posed on Reddit, replies began to pour in.

Many agreed with the mention of The Walking Dead, with one user replying "I don't cry often, but that ending was something else." The emotional twists and turns cemented TWD not only as a brilliant game, but as one that pushed Telltale to the forefront of narrative gaming.

Of course, now I must relive the many sad moments that were mentioned. Like To The Moon, which broke me, and u/whentheworldquiets who said, "I still cannot talk some through the story without choking up and crying." Another indie darling had to be included according to u/newbabyfly who nominated Journey, with plenty in agreement.

Without spoiling the five year old game, hundreds of people opted for Red Dead Redemption 2 suggesting a few key moments that had players bawling. Some chose The Last of Us Part 2, while others thought the opening to Part 1 was even more devastating. This probably gets my vote - that first hour of The Last of Us broke me for a number of reasons.

Final Fantasy X appears on the list, but interestingly only a few people chose Aerith's death in Final Fantasy 7; Gears of War 2 fans will likely mist up at the mention of 'Maria'.

I asked the wider GAMINGbible team what their choices would be and got some great responses; Richard gave us RDR2 and Metal Gear Solid 4; among Kate's picks were Horizon Forbidden West and Tchia; Sam nominated Halo 4; Angharad went with the original Reddit pick of TWD; and Ewan jumped in with Marvel's Spider-Man and Celeste.

Gaming, especially in the past few generations, has really reached a point where writers can properly utilise interactive entertainment to emotionally charge our experiences.

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