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The Rock is not playing Kratos in God Of War series, director confirms

The Rock is not playing Kratos in God Of War series, director confirms

God of War's Cory Barlog has confirmed that Dwayne Johnson is not currently in the running to play live-action Kratos.

It’s okay everyone. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson will not be playing Kratos in the upcoming God of War series on Amazon, which keeps alive our hope of seeing Christopher Judge retain the role.

It’s been a while since we received a God of War update of any kind. It’s coming up to one year since God of War Ragnarök was released. Insiders claim that a DLC expansion is in the works, which sounds perfectly reasonable. A post-game side quest teases an adventure with Tyr, but perhaps it could follow Atreus on his travels. The franchise is also getting the adaptation treatment. The entirety of the cast is keen to return, and Cory Barlog has already promised the same level of respect will be given to the show as was given to HBO’s critically-acclaimed The Last of Us. Fans would love to see Christopher Judge portray the character in live-action. Well, we know who’s seemingly not in the running - and that’s Dwayne Johnson.

Take a look at God of War Ragnarök in action below.

When TMZ reported that Dwayne Johnson was in the running, Barlog responded to the story on Twitter with, “I have literally never heard anything about this.” It’s true that Johnson shares Kratos’ incredible physique, but you know who else does? Christopher Judge - and he’s incredibly keen to retain the role, as he should.

Earlier this year, Judge interacted with an article saying that Dave Bautista should play the role. He wrote, “And it’s been said that I can’t read a room.” He later added, “Don’t get me wrong, I think Bautista is great, but …” Atreus actor Sunny Suljic also wants to reprise the role of Atreus, adding, “I swear to god, If I don’t get booked for this.”

Freya actress Danielle Bisutti then joined in, writing, “I feel that Sunny.” They do say you shouldn’t mess with a good thing. The perfect cast is right there.

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