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God Of War's Atreus actor wants to star in the Amazon series

God Of War's Atreus actor wants to star in the Amazon series

Arguably, he is the ideal casting choice.

Sunny Suljić, who motion captured and voiced Atreus in the two latest God of War games, has thrown his hat in the ring for the role of Kratos' son in the upcoming adaptation that is in development at Amazon Studios.

Arguably, he would be the ideal casting choice, even though he expressed a worry that he would be too old now to play the character on the small screen. I'll tell you what I've told everyone: if CW is content casting actors in their mid to late 20s as high schoolers in things like The Vampire Diaries and Riverdale, then there's certainly a chance that viewers will overlook a 17 year old playing a noodley child. Plus, there's creative license to contend with too. This God of War show is confirmed to be set at the start of the Norse saga, however, it is likely that the showrunners and writers will try to surprise players in its audience with twists to the canon.

This is the way to play God of War Ragnarök - check it out below!

"I swear to God if I don’t get booked for this…" said Suljić in response to the news that Amazon's adaptation is continuing full steam ahead from its announcement in May. Fans have rallied for the actor, though some have their reservations that the show isn't necessary as the game is so beloved already. I see what they're saying but games are still an intimidating medium for many. There's no way that my parents, who are fans of The Walking Dead, are playing The Last of Us on the PlayStation. But they might watch an HBO show about a man who loses his daughter at the start of the apocalypse and then must travel across a ravaged United States to ferry an immune girl to a rebel group that have been searching for a cure for years.

At the time of writing, the God of War Amazon adaptation has not announced any castings and likely won't for a while as the project gains directors and writers. Still Suljić is keen so we'll have everything crossed for him.

Featured Image Credit: Sony, Sunny Suljić via Instagram

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