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The Last of Us Part 2 star Jeffrey Wright to reprise role as Isaac in HBO series

The Last of Us Part 2 star Jeffrey Wright to reprise role as Isaac in HBO series

A familiar face is returning

A familiar face is joining HBO's The Last of Us cast.

Jeffery Wright, best known for playing Isaac in The Last of Us Part 2 is reprising his role for the second season of The Last of Us.

Fans are excited to see where the second season of the iconic show will take them, despite them already knowing some of the horrors in store for the beloved characters.

Having Wright back to play Isaac feels like a fitting way to ensure the series maintains its authenticity, especially for long-time fans of the video game franchise.

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HBO describes the character as a "quietly powerful leader of a large militia group who sought liberty but instead has become mired in an endless war against a surprisingly resourceful enemy."

Anyone who is unfamiliar with Wright's work in The Last of Us Part 2 need not worry about his skills; this actor has been in hit shows and films including Westworld, The Batman, and The French Dispatch.

His stellar acting credentials finally earned him an Oscar nomination last year for his role in American Fiction.

Wright joins a star studded cast of both returning and new faces, including Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal. However, as we already know, Pascal's time filming has already finished given Joel's unfortunate fate (don't say we didn't warn you).

Teasers from the upcoming new series have already shown us a glimpse of an older Ellie, seemingly tired and worn down from the strife she faces.

If nothing else, this demonstrates to new fans that there's much change and trials ahead for Ellie and Joel...

Most fans are satisfied with the casting thus far. However, with Amazon's Fallout having proven such a roaring success, everyone is wondering whether the second season of The Last of Us can return to its top spot in video game adaptations once more.

Jeffery Wright joining the cast is undoubtedly a fine way to ensure that happens.

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