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The Boys showrunner angers fans after making 'tone deaf' comments about latest episode

The Boys showrunner angers fans after making 'tone deaf' comments about latest episode

The Boys fans are calling out its showrunner

The Boys viewers are disappointed in the showrunner Eric Kripke for the way a certain scene was handled in the most recent episode.

Amazon’s superhero show The Boys is currently amidst its fourth season, though fan consensus is starting to imply it’s outstayed its welcome.

Check out the trailer for season 4 of The Boys below.

There have been several complaints about the political messaging of the show, leading to review bombs about the script and general writing of the story.

While this can usually be boiled down to incels realising they’re the butt of the joke, more valid criticisms of the new season have stemmed from its most recent episode, specifically a harrowing scene involving its protagonist Hughie.

The spoiler-free summary is Hughie was tasked with infiltrating an exclusive party, leading to him being taken down to a masochist’s boinking dungeon and being forced into several acts that left the poor guy severely scarred by the end of the episode.

Many drew comparisons to a scene in the first season where Annie, aka Starlight, was sexually assaulted in order to keep her spot on The Seven.

Showrunner Eric Kripke said he felt “immense pressure and responsibility” to get Starlight’s scene right, but when talking about Hughie’s experience in the recent episode, laughed it off as “hilarious.”

As you can imagine many have taken offence to this, with one fan calling it “really disappointing,” going on to say, “I had a weird feeling about how this whole scene was done but gave it the benefit of the doubt after Hughie's breakdown. But after reading the article someone linked here it's clear that it was just supposed to be funny, I doubt it'll ever come up again in a serious context. How can you be this tone-deaf?”

Perhaps what happened to Hughie will be addressed in the next episode and hopefully it is, especially given the real-life implications of the scene.

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