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Star Wars finally shows Tusken Raiders without masks, and I'm never sleeping again

Star Wars finally shows Tusken Raiders without masks, and I'm never sleeping again

We're gonna leave the lights on, okay?

As if they weren’t already disturbing enough; we’ve seen behind the Tusken Raiders’ masks, and it’s scared us more than we care to admit.

Sometimes it’s fun to learn new details about Star Wars lore, but this detail? Well, we wish we’d never seen it.

If you thought the idea of Palpatine having sex – which he didn’t, by the way – is bad, this is arguably worse.

We sat down to chat with the Star Wars Outlaws developers.

After years wondering, we’ve finally seen the face behind the Tusken Raiders’ masks... and it’s not pretty.

The image, which was shared on Reddit, is one comic book depiction of the raiders. From that picture, we see a ravaged face typically concealed by a mask.

The masks aren’t exactly attractive, but we prefer them to what’s underneath (sorry, Sand People).

Such a reveal, as you’d expect, has triggered discourse amongst fans as they try to determine whether these characters were once human or are actually aliens.

“I truly think they look human,” reads one Reddit post. “They can't be an alien race evolved for desert climates, because then they wouldn't need all that protective covering.”

Another fan argued that what we’re seeing in the image is nothing other than Anakin’s imaginings; his “nightmares”.

They truly are terrifying, so that checks out as far as we’re concerned.

We’re also in agreement with the one user who said, “I don’t want to know what the Tusken Raiders look like without their masks, and I can’t imagine why anyone would.”

Sometimes, we’re not meant to see behind the curtain.

As more Star Wars revelations come to light, we suspect there’ll be further occasions when we see behind a mask and are left horrified. Most recently, it was a certain Sith reveal that had fans up in arms.

Our Star Wars knowledge changes and grows over time, but the fandoms’ ability to be shocked and/or offended? That remains consistent.

Featured Image Credit: 20th Century Studios

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