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Star Wars fans may have already worked out the villain of Rey's new film

Star Wars fans may have already worked out the villain of Rey's new film

We sense a disturbance in the Force

Say what you want about the Star Wars fandom, but they work damn hard to discover every tidbit of information. Their tenacity might have uncovered who the villain in Rey’s next film is.

Without jumping into discourse that really should have died already, Rey is far from a popular Star Wars character.

Yet, while many fans are less than fond of the character, albeit for rather toxic reasons, that hasn’t stopped them speculating about who the villain will be in the next block of films.

As we know, Rey’s story is far from over. But with this knowledge comes questions about what we’ll discover when following Rey on her adventures once more.

Here's a reminder of where Rey's story left off in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

It’s already been quietly confirmed that Rey’s father isn’t who we thought, so that’s one mystery down. And we were shocked to learn that Rey’s mum was in The Mandalorian and we just missed it; so, what else is there we need to know?

Quite a bit, actually.

Thanks to the events of The Bad Batch season two (a highly underappreciated show, we must say), there’s a new order that has fans curious about its intentions.

The Ancients caused quite a stir in The Bad Batch, leaving some to posit that the sect isn’t quite finished yet.

It rather nicely leaves this unknown group as an ideal villain for Rey. What is more, fans theorise that, due to The Ancients’ war machine bearing similarities to Jedi: Fallen Order’s Zeffo, the canon lore of the game would integrate nicely into the lore of the films.

More simply, however, it would just be nice to have a villain not linked to Palpatine; it’s time to let him die. Properly this time, too.

Basically, there’s a lot of moving parts that fit perfectly here. However, it’s not yet known whether this is what its director has planned for Rey’s upcoming journey.

Featured Image Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

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