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Star Wars fans just realising Rey's mother was in The Mandalorian and we missed it

Star Wars fans just realising Rey's mother was in The Mandalorian and we missed it

A theory suggests we might have seen a young version of Jodie Comer's character

Star Wars fans think that they might have noticed a cameo from the mother of Rey in an episode of The Mandalorian. If true, this would be the character's second appearance, with her first being in The Rise of Skywalker.

One of the core details that has been noted over on an official Star Wars speculation Reddit page is that it appears that a character in an episode of Season 2 of The Mandalorian shares the same hairstyle as the sequel trilogy protagonist.

"The distinctive and unique hairstyle of Rey's character was carefully curated and maintained throughout her entire trilogy, and is at a glance perhaps her single-most recognisable and defining physical aspect. It doesn't really seem plausible that Disney uncaringly agrees for this signature look being applied randomly to other characters or show extras for no particular reason," reads the post.

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The Reddit post goes on to state that you "probably wouldn't allow just some other unimportant character to have Rey's signature hair, just like you wouldn't, for example, allow some other character to bear Leia's iconic hairstyle."

It is worth noting that while this is a nice theory, that it's almost absolutely not true. For starters, if Disney was to include a cameo from Rey's Mother, it'd be a much bigger deal than just an appearance from some character in the background. It'd be something that they draw attention to, and something that actually had an effect on the storyline. As it stands, it was more than likely just an Easter egg that was intentionally placed to garner online reactions, and even though the Reddit post notes that the girl in question is "really the only child that is filmed centre-frame, with her own shot, and the camera even seems to linger unnecessarily", it's more than likely that this simply isn't Rey's mother and that if we do ever see Rey's mother again, it'll be in a bigger role.

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