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Star Wars fans roast dumb rumour about renaming 'insensitive' Dark Side

Star Wars fans roast dumb rumour about renaming 'insensitive' Dark Side

This is getting out of hand...

A ridiculous rumour that Disney plans to rename the Light and Dark side of the force has been shot down by actual Star Wars fans.

As one of, if not the, biggest sci-fi IPs on the planet it’s only natural for Star Wars fans to defend the series with tooth and nail, but sometimes it goes a step too far.

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Ever since Disney got hold of the Star Wars universe it’s been said projects set in a galaxy far, far away have gone downhill, with several retcons and the deaths of multiple legacy characters not helping either.

However in what appears to be a childish attempt of creating additional unrest, some fans have reportedly started a rumour that the Light and Dark side of the force are to be renamed due to them being “racially insensitive.”

The first signs of this appeared in the comments of a YouTube video about Kathleen Kennedy, who’s currently in charge of all Star Wars media at Disney.

In a Threads post, YouTuber Nerd Speaks said “My video about Kathleen Kennedy is, unsurprisingly, being flooded with hate comments. I keep seeing a bunch of people complaining about how see wants to ‘rename the light side and dark side of The Force’”

Unsurprisingly real fans quickly tore about that notion, with one saying “She does not want to rename the light and dark side of the Force. That’s a complete troglodyte troll job from somewhere in the fever swamps that someone attributed to her”

All of this drama comes after the recent Star Wars TV series, The Acolyte, has been review-bombed and accused of being woke due to its cast of characters.

While it’s a certainty in life that you can’t please everyone, going out of your way to start false rumours about someone or something you don’t like is just hateful, and as we all know, hate quickly leads to suffering.

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