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Star Wars fans have been review bombing the wrong movie by mistake

Star Wars fans have been review bombing the wrong movie by mistake

This is hilariously awkward

This isn’t just awkward for the Star Wars fandom, it’s downright embarrassing.

Unfortunately, some fans have taken it upon themselves to review bomb The Acolyte. However, in a highly amusing twist (for us, not them), they’ve been damning the wrong listing.

When our very own Kate Harrold was able to get a sneak preview of the new Star Wars series, she found it to be an “enthralling new era” in this longstanding franchise.

Check out The Acolyte official trailer now, assuming you haven't seen it already

Yet, not everyone felt the same. Here at GAMINGbible, the team is joined in loving The Acolyte, but elsewhere, anger has raised its ugly head.

It’s resulted in this hilarious, and shameful, display from a section of the fandom who’ve been review bombing Acolytes, a story wholly different from Disney’s new TV show.

Twitter, as you’d expect in such a situation, is thoroughly enjoying the absurdity of it all.

“That is how ridiculous the hate against the series actually is. People don't even care, they just want to hate because they can,” said user @JorisTheWise.

Further down the comments, @ladidaix said, “They’re not Star Wars fans, they’re stupid racists.”

Interestingly, though, when we visited Acolytes’ Rotten Tomatoes page, we couldn’t find the reviews meant for The Acolyte. Seemingly, fans have realised their mistake and are quickly trying to clean up their mess before more of the internet sees.

It seems that the way to upset the Star Wars fandom is to “give them new content”, which is the saddest thing we’ve ever heard.

And yes, while it’s perfectly fine not to enjoy a show and have an opinion, as one person argued on social media, that doesn’t mean you can be hateful just for the sake of it.

Once again, another embarrassing chapter is added to the ever growing list for Star Wars.

Featured Image Credit: Disney

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