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Star Wars just broke a brutal 19-year record with surprise reveal

Star Wars just broke a brutal 19-year record with surprise reveal

We're gonna need a minute

The Acolyte has certainly left a lasting impression on the Star Wars fandom.

For good or ill, its decision to tap into the brutality of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, has broken a 19-year streak.

Some fans feel it’s too much, however, others are relishing the harsh approach this Disney series has taken.

Spoilers are ahead, so turn back now if you aren’t caught up with the latest episode.

The big Sith reveal of the newly dubbed ‘Darth Daddy’ has already faced backlash from the fandom, and that discontent looks set to continue.

Let's travel to happier times; to when The Acolyte cast discussed getting their lightsabers

If you’re wondering why, it comes down to how vastly different The Acolyte's approach to storytelling is; it has a savagery about it.

CBR describes it as “Star Wars’ Red Wedding”.

Much like in that famous Game of Thrones episode, key characters – ones you assumed were safe – were unforgivingly cut down. The only other time Star Wars has been this brutal was in Revenge of the Sith.

By the time it reached its conclusion, over “half of The Acolyte cast” had departed from this mortal plane.

The light-hearted, almost comical nature of the franchise was well and truly stripped away; similarly to Andor. Everything we’re witnessing feels more adult... more raw, and with that move ends the slightly playful era of Star Wars we’ve become accustomed to.

Personally, I’m not mad about this change of creative direction – it suits the story being told. Whether it would work for all Star Wars shows is another matter entirely, though.

No matter what comes next (we expect more bloodshed), The Acolyte will linger long after its final episode airs.

That’s a real legacy to leave behind, especially in spite of all the ridiculous fanboy ire the show has previously faced.

Featured Image Credit: Disney

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