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South Park's World Of Warcraft episode named all-time best video game episode of TV

South Park's World Of Warcraft episode named all-time best video game episode of TV

South Park has smashed it out of the park once more

You don't have to enjoy South Park to recognise that the animation has been behind some true gems of television entertainment. The wit of the creatives and the banter between the characters all come together to give us comedy gold; even more so when it parodies video game franchises.

South Park's World of Warcraft episode in particular has been hailed as, not just one of the best episodes from the series, but in TV history. At least when it comes to video games related satire. Not that everyone agrees that the humour used in the series is amusing, as Ed Sheeran can attest after claiming that the ginger episode "ruined his life".

See how the boys fare when playing World of Warcraft in South Park's 'Make Love, Not War' episode

'Make Love, Not Warcraft' aired back in 2006, which feels like a lifetime ago (to be honest, it's not far off for us fans who've been watching since the show started). Yet, the antics of the gang in that episode is still fresh in many's minds.

The episode earned the show an Emmy, which some are still in disbelief over, not least of all because Cartman releases his bowls all over his mum. "This episode actually won an Emmy," posted one fan amazed by that turn of events.

It's difficult to imagine now, but during the episode's development, Trey Parker, one of the minds behind this wonderfully warped show, was sure it would "bomb". "It's crazy to think Trey Parker was thinking the episode would bomb and ruin the South Park legacy, but instead [it] became one of the most famous episodes to date," shared DRAWNinPIXELS.

Another added, "They mention this in interviews as well as the DVD commentary from that season. As a creative, it is very difficult to remove yourself from the work and your own criticisms of it. They legitimately thought they made something bad and were concerned. It isn't the first time, and wasn't the last, they said something like this about an episode they made."

We're deeply grateful that South Park went ahead with this iconic episode and gifted us a true gift of the television medium.

Featured Image Credit: Comedy Central

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