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Amouranth announces new TV show set in an elderly home, for some reason

Amouranth announces new TV show set in an elderly home, for some reason

One to watch while sipping vagina-inspired beer

Did anyone have this on their 2023 bingo cards? Doubtful. But if you did, congratulations, you’ve been able to predict some of the more bizarre moments of the year. Streaming sensation Amouranth has announced a new TV show she’ll be hosting, set in a nursing home of all places.

We know you’re asking “why?” and for good reason – having made $15,000 per stream by napping for viewers, alongside the intended release of her very own vagina-scented beer, Amouranth’s nursing home antics seem unusual even for her. Yet, in the world of OnlyFans, anything is possible. Gone are the days of purely NSFW content – now you can host game shows in front of half-bored elderly folks and it’s entertainment.

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The Quiet Games not only stars Amouranth but also features other familiar faces from OF, all of them tasked with solving puzzles in front of the nursing home audience. When the celebrity streamer was asked about how this intriguing concept came to be during an interview with Dexerto, she said, “OF approached us with wanting to do more content on their new platform called OFTV which is like safe for work content that links to OnlyFans,”

“We were bouncing back and forth ideas on what we could do, and I wanted to do a show so we could have multiple episodes. And my team and I were just spitballing games at them and game show-type concepts they could do and they really liked a silent library as a concept. But we changed it around so that we could have more funny interactions with an old person home.”

Incredible. Whatever will they come up with next…! Yet, despite the cynicism from the likes of myself and many others, the show has been a success. So much so that Amouranth has hinted that other unusual shows are currently in the works – “A few things we’re thinking about is American Ninja Warrior version, but with OF creators.” She added, “We’re thinking of cooking shows, maybe Fear Factor or Wipe Out. I think the sky’s the limit. It’s more about who do we have, what can we get together, when do they want it… some concepts are harder than others.”

We can barely contain ourselves, the excitement is just threatening to spill over. Sarcasm aside, whatever the Twitch streamer does next, we'll definitely hear about it, and no doubt it’ll cause us to frown in confusion and curiosity in equal measure.

Featured Image Credit: Amouranth – Kick

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