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Netflix Announces Grisly New Zombie Game Based On Hit Series

Netflix Announces Grisly New Zombie Game Based On Hit Series

Kingdom: The Blood is based on Kingdom - a South Korean thriller-horror series about a zombie apocalypse in medieval Korea.

Who’s ready to slice some undead enemies into lots of tiny pieces? I sure hope you are, because as Gematsu reports, Netflix have just announced a new action-RPG based on the Korean thriller-horror series, Kingdom, and it looks pretty gory.

The game itself is titled Kingdom: The Blood, and it’s being developed by South Korean studio Action Square. The title is on its way to PC and mobile, and a gameplay trailer has already been revealed, so you can check out all the action we have to look forward to.

Take a look at the trailer for Kingdom: The Blood below.

Apparently, the game is going to stay true to the show, which, if you’re unfamiliar with, is all about a zombie apocalypse in medieval Korea, and follows the exploits of crown prince Lee Chang (thanks, IGN). Story mode aside, it’ll also include ‘Conquest Mode’, which will feature a bunch of varying five-minute battles, as well as PVP fights and multi-boss battles. The trailer gives us a decent idea of how these might go down - the gameplay looks fast paced and genuinely fun - it kind of looks like a hack-n-slash, although without huge swarms of enemies. 

“Staying true to the beloved Netflix series, Kingdom: The Blood recreates characters, zombies and vicious action from the show in high-quality 3D graphics,” an overview of the game from Netflix reads (via Gematsu). “Korean culture is treated with the utmost care in both gameplay and aesthetic. Motion capture was recorded using a professional Korean sword dancer to perfectly replicate deadly Korean-style combat.” 

It also sounds like there’s going to be a bunch of customisation options, too, as you’ll be able to create your own character and explore different clothing options, such as traditional Korean Hanbok, inspired by 16th century Korea. 

No release date for Kingdom: The Blood has been given yet, but if you want to catch up on the show before the game comes out, both seasons are currently available to watch on Netflix. Back in 2020, we wrote about how Kingdom would make for a brilliant Netflix game adaptation, and here we have it - fingers crossed it lives up to our expectations.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix/Action Square, Netflix

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