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Fallout meets Dead Island in awesome new zombie game

Fallout meets Dead Island in awesome new zombie game

It's time to prepare for the end of the world... again.

If you thought the zombie survival trope was dead and buried, think again, because an awesome new upcoming game blends together Fallout with Dead Island to give us the zombie outbreak we’ve all been secretly preparing for.

As someone who anticipates that their death would come swiftly during a zombie apocalypse, I tend to stay away from games like this one. However, even I have to admit that Steam’s Outbreak Island looks like a brilliant way to pass the time, and remain safe despite the growing zombie hordes.

Are you brave enough to investigate Outbreak Island?

The story follows a man who’s visiting the island to try and understand what’s happened there, with each night presenting a new set of challenges as you attempt to do just that. It’s not the most original premise, nor is it logically sound to enter the belly of the beast, but such is the law of horror games. If the characters did what they were meant to do, e.g. run away, these sorts of games would end very quickly.

Much like Fallout 4, you must build and defend your shelter. What is more, you’ll need to search for food and water to survive, as the local delicacy is you – you’re the meal everyone wants to chow down on. Everything is designed to put your survival skills to the test, with the burning question being whether you can survive even one night on Outbreak Island…?

Created using the Unreal Engine, the game looks brilliant. We’ve seen a lot of good-looking games recently, with GTA 6 being the most obvious one thanks to us finally able to watch the new trailer. The game is just blowing fans away with how incredible it looks. Unlike Rockstar’s upcoming game, Outbreak Island isn’t slated to be available on consoles, meaning the likes of Steam will be the main way to play the game.

Originally, the initial release date was 2023, and while that’s still possible, we’re already in December now; there’s not long left. Therefore, it’s more likely Outbreak Island will drop in early 2024, though we hope to be surprised with an earlier launch.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda, Deep Silver

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