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Rick And Morty creator believes the show could run for as long as The Simpsons

Rick And Morty creator believes the show could run for as long as The Simpsons

Do Rick and Morty have the legs to follow The Simpsons?

Rick And Morty could last for a hell of a lot longer than seven seasons if its creator has anything to say about it.

Dan Harmon believes his most successful show, Rick and Morty, could run for as long as The Simpsons. As we run up to release of season seven of Rick and Morty Harmon spent time talking to The Hollywood Reporter where Harmon made the comment.

There have been jokes throughout the show about how it could go on "for 100 years" and its success certainly shows that the show can run on for a long time yet. Whether it can reach the milestones of The Simpsons iconic length is another matter.

Take a look at the new season below!

The Springfield family have been on TV for 34 seasons, which is unheard of for animated shows. Rick and Morty have the fanbase, but longevity is a difficult thing to achieve. To date, Rick and Morty have released 61 episodes, while The Simpsons has clocked in a crazy 750 episodes, but the Adult Swim cartoon hasn't reached the halfway point of their deal.

In 2018, with three seasons under their belt, the Rick and Morty team put pen to paper and announced they had signed on for 70 more episodes. As it stands, we have around "four to eight years" left of the show before the deal runs out.

The team are picking up steam churning out seasons among many difficulties including the writers and actors strikes and the hiring of voice replacements for Justin Roiland. This new season will be the first without Roiland in the titular roles and, so far, fans are pleased with the replacements.

Many would argue that the worst thing to happen to The Simpsons is the length of time they've been on TV as the quality has significantly dropped since the show's golden age. Could the same thing happen to Rick and Morty?

The first episode of season seven arrives 15 October with a tagline in the trailer stating "Rick and Morty, 100 years! Or at least until season 10!"

Featured Image Credit: Adult Swim

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