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Netflix drops The Witcher Season 4 trailer, offers first look at Liam Hemsworth

Netflix drops The Witcher Season 4 trailer, offers first look at Liam Hemsworth

A new Witcher is at the helm

Out of nowhere, Netflix has dropped a teaser trailer for the upcoming season of The Witcher which gives us our first look at Liam Hemsworth at the helm.

Coming in at under one-minute long, the teaser trailer for was just dropped by the official Netflix Twitter account and gives us our first look at season four of the television adaptation.

“The journey continues. Here's your first look at Liam Hemsworth as Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher,” reads the official announcement.

As mentioned, this is our first look at Hemsworth in action as he walks through a dimly-lit forest with Roach at his side. The trailer ends with our new Geralt looking into the distance with his yellow eyes catching the light.

Other than that, there is not much more to go on which isn’t surprising considering the next season is not set to air until some time next year.

All we know is that Netflix already has its work cut out with many fans already claiming that season four has “dropped the ball” by replacing Henry Cavilll with Hemsworth as Geralt himself.

Since we saw our first photograph of Hemsworth’s Geralt on set last week, said fans have been quick to criticise his look with many believing he does not have what it takes to portray the rough-around-the-edges Witcher.

However, with Anya Chalotra and Freya Allan reprising their roles as Yennefer and Ciri respectively, there is still hope for the television adaptation. And who knows? Hemsworth may be what the show has been missing all these years.

All will be revealed when The Witcher season 4 drops in 2025.

Until then, there is always The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt to keep fans occupied and with a recent download adding multiple map expansions, now is the perfect time to visit the hit RPG.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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