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Zack Snyder wants to direct a Daredevil movie

Zack Snyder wants to direct a Daredevil movie

Looks like Marvel could tempt Zack Snyder... for the right project

Love his work or hate it, Zack Snyder is a director most of you will have heard of – from making his feature debut with Dawn of the Dead in 2004, he’s since directed 300, Wonder Woman, and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

In more recent years, Snyder has become one of the main DC directors, yet that doesn’t mean he hasn’t contemplated a move to the MCU. That being said, Snyder admits that he’ll only make such a creative move if it’s for a Daredevil film.

Are you ready for the first half of Snyder's Rebel Moon?

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the self-profession “architect of DC” revealed that he might “think for a beat” about doing a Daredevil movie, provided Elektra is a part of it. As for the likes of Star Wars or other iconic brands, he graciously concedes that "those guys have a handle on the brand”. So kind of him to recognise others can succeed without him; such modesty.

Besides a partnership between Daredevil and Elektra on the big screen, Snyder would also return, this time to the DC side of superheroes, for the Dark Knight Returns. But only on the condition that it’s “a true representation of the graphic novel”. Not that Snyder has much time to consider that at the moment; even if James Dunn got in touch, Snyder is busy with Rebel Moon over on Netflix, with the first half of the two-parter coming out on 22 December.

It already looks like an epic world of adventure, having wowed attendees at Gamescom 2023 Opening Night. It isn’t even out yet and already Snyder is hoping to release a six hour director’s cut, just in case the vanilla runtime isn’t enough for you. Oh, and he’s also confirmed that a AAA game of the film is also in the works – does this man ever rest?

With Marvel already having a firm grasp on Daredevil with the hero's return in Daredevil: Born Again, it seems unlikely Snyder will be called up to take control in the near future.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix/Warner Bros

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