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Marvel fans lose it as MCU finally gives us something we've wanted for decades

Marvel fans lose it as MCU finally gives us something we've wanted for decades

We almost don't believe our eyes

It’s the small things that matter most; as proven by the way Marvel fans have reacted to a newly emerged MCU detail.

There’s been many iterations of Wolverine over the years, some of which have been more accurate than others. Consequently, when fans see a classic comic book look executed to perfection, they have much to say.

Have you watched the Deadpool & Wolverine trailer yet?

Deadpool & Wolverine is arguably one of the most anticipated cinematic moments of the year – and we’ve still got just over a month to wait before its release.

Thankfully though, fans’ loyalty to Marvel has been rewarded with a Hot Toys collectible figurine. We know that sounds strange, but wait for it...

You see, not only does this figurine have an uncanny likeness to Hugh Jackman, but it also has the ripped sleeves and shoulder armour of the yellow Wolverine costume.

Naturally, everyone has behaved accordingly.


Another posted, “SLEEVELESS + SHOULDER PADS COMBO LFG!!!!!” Just in case you didn’t believe us when we said fans are freaking out.

Others were a little more composed, but still incredibly excited. “THEY'RE DOING IT,” posted Instagram user @werecam.

There’s also the full sleeved look available as well, though that hasn’t nearly received as much attention as the ripped sleeves.

Everyone is keen to preorder this stunning bit of merchandise already, however, we’re not certain when it will go on sale.

Many details about the two versions of the figurine are provided in Hot Toys’ social media post, but the date of release hasn’t been announced.

As the saying goes, though, all the best things come to those who wait, and this Wolverine collectible is definitely worth waiting for.

This is likely one of many collectibles to celebrate the upcoming film, so we wait with bated breath to see what other delights Hot Toys has for us.

Featured Image Credit: Marvel

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