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Marvel fans rejoice as Avengers 5 officially confirms its first returning hero

Marvel fans rejoice as Avengers 5 officially confirms its first returning hero

Avengers, assemble!

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally getting some more details regarding the upcoming Avengers 5 film.

After Jonathan Majors’ conviction, the next instalment internally received a name change, which left the MCU in an unstable position as far as the next block of films were concerned.

The plans that Marvel had laid out were thrown into turmoil as the main antagonist needed to be changed and thus likely the main storyline too.

Fortunately, it seems that Marvel has managed to weather the storm after one of its returning heroes remarked that Disney “is cooking up a storm”.

Check out Marvel's Avengers: Mighty Thor trailer below for some electrifying gameplay.

During a Netflix interview, Benedict Cumberbatch spoke of his time playing Doctor Strange, as well as his excitement for the upcoming movie.

Cumberbatch said, “It's been a lovely relationship with [Marvel] ever since [being cast]. I'm very much looking forward to Avengers next year.”

Granted, his words aren’t much to go on, but they’ve restored hope to the fandom all the same.

The actor also remarked how playing Doctor Strange has been a “gift”.

“The joy of playing him is immense, but also the joy of playing him means I can help create and platform stories and writing. He's a gift in many, many ways in my life,” he said.

Such a restoration of hope was sorely needed due to fans being convinced that a Marvel film they’ve been dreaming of has now been cancelled.

It’s gone from way too many Marvel films to hardly any at all, mixed in with quiet endings that some of us have missed because we’re distracted elsewhere.

Here’s the thing, though: we’ve still got to wait until May 2026 for Avengers 5 to release. Oh yes, despite Cumberbatch referring to “next year”, the film has been pushed back to 1 May 2026.

Featured Image Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

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