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Marvel quietly brings She-Hulk to an end

Marvel quietly brings She-Hulk to an end

It's time to say goodbye to Jennifer Walters for now

When it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it certainly feels as if many of our favourite heroes are protected by plot armour.

If you think about it, there really haven’t been that many notable deaths thus far. Quicksilver and Phil Coulson, sorry to say, are b-tier characters.

The biggest losses to date are those of Black Widow and Iron Man but those deaths came within a film that was over 10 years in the making.

We don’t particularly see major characters meet a grisly end in regular franchise instalments.

The same cannot be said for Marvel Comics. In that sphere, no one is safe.

If you’re an avid follower of Marvel Comics, you’ll be accustomed to feeling both shock and heartbreak.

Last year, saw Ms. Marvel meet her demise - although thankfully, she did return as a mutant so it wasn’t all doom and gloom.

The comics can be, well, pretty damn brutal. Very recently, a comic book character was brought back after missing in action for several years only to be immediately killed off.

And now, fans will have to say goodbye to yet another popular character.

Thankfully, this one isn’t being killed off but their comic book line is drawing to a close.

I’m counting down the days until we get an update on Marvel’s Wolverine. Take a look at the original teaser trailer below.

Writer Rainbow Rowell has confirmed that the current run of Sensational She-Hulk will draw to a close following the publication of the upcoming 10th issue (co-written with Andrés Genolet).

The issue is set to be published on 31 July so fans don’t have too long to wait to see how the storyline draws to a close, finalising this two-year run.

Naturally, every comic eventually runs its course but I have to say, I’m surprised to see Sensational She-Hulk end so soon when it was only last year that the character was popularised by the MCU.

"Hey, She-Hulk readers. It is with great sadness that I tell you, Issue 10 is the end of our run," Rowell tweeted. "I have loved writing this character and working with Andrés, Dee, Joe, Jen, Nick and Kaeden. She-Hulk was on my Marvel dream list, and I feel really lucky to have taken her this far.”

“This end came too soon for me, but I would have kept writing Jen and Jack forever. There'd never be a good time to say goodbye. Thank you for reading our book and reviewing it, and for coming here to talk to me about it."

Rowell later added that she knew the run would be coming to an end so “got to write an actual ending, and one last mini arc”.

It goes without saying that She-Hulk will most certainly surface again one day but I for one will be sad to see this particular era draw to a close.

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