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Avengers 5 teaser promises another fan-favourite hero joining the team

Avengers 5 teaser promises another fan-favourite hero joining the team

This is too good to be true

The cast for Avengers 5 is shaping up to be iconic, if this latest teaser is to be trusted.

Marvel fans have already been rejoicing after learning of the first hero returning to the silver screen, so this news will be the icing on the cake.

You see, fans are convinced Deadpool is about to officially join the Avengers team.

We can't wait to watch Deadpool & Wolverine.

Ryan Reynolds recently shared a photo wearing an Avengers hat, but with one slight tweak: it had an anarchy symbol plastered over it.

A few days later, Reynolds returned with another graffitied bit of Avengers merchandise, this time with a blue flag decorated with the anarchy symbol.

“What does it mean?” asked one Instagram fan, before repeating, “WHAT DOES IT MEAN?”

Obviously, this could just be Reynolds trolling the fandom. But that isn’t how fans have taken it; they’re now convinced Deadpool will be in the next Avengers film.

“Bro is gonna be in Avengers 5,” said another user in a post that’s now been liked over 2,000 times.

Someone else commented, “BRO. That’s the Avengers flag? OMG MAN,”

There isn’t much to go on at all, however, that isn’t stopping us from getting our hopes up. Of course, before such an announcement comes – assuming it even is – we have the Deadpool & Wolverine movie to enjoy first.

Coming to cinemas later this month, it promises to deliver a legendary chapter in the Deadpool saga.

After all, the ‘merc with a mouth’ doesn’t have long to live, seeing as how Marvel plans to kill the character off. Understandably, fans are confused by this move, though we suspect Deadpool will find a way to beat death yet again.

We’d love to see Deadpool fighting side by side with the Avengers, don’t get us wrong, but until Marvel confirms Wade’s in the new film, we’re going to remain cautiously optimistic.

Featured Image Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

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