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Marvel kills off Deadpool, to the confusion of fans everywhere

Marvel kills off Deadpool, to the confusion of fans everywhere

Can you kill the unkillable?

Marvel Comics quite often asks the question, “What happens if we kill this character?” Usually, it results in them returning several months later, after the shock and awe have died down.

But what happens when you try to kill the unkillable? Deadpool certainly seems to fit into that category, and Marvel has announced they’re going to kill him.

Deadpool will be back in cinemas this summer with Deadpool & Wolverine

Promoting the upcoming run of Deadpool comics, and the upcoming Deadpool and Wolverine film, from Cody Ziglar and Rogê Antônio, Marvel hasn’t shied away from the fact that the writer plans on killing off the ‘merc with a mouth.’

The latest press release for the forthcoming arc states, “Cody Ziglar and Rogê Antônio's Deadpool run reaches a startling turning point this September with the death of Wade Wilson!”

This was accompanied by a teaser cover of Deadpool with a gaping hole in his chest and the hand of the new villain, Death Grip, punching through.

Below the hand, literally tearing through Deadpool’s chest, a caption reads “This is the first issue of a new era and killing Deadpool NOW would be an INSANE thing to do. Which is exactly why we're doing it."

When asked about the event by ComicBook, Ziglar remained tight-lipped on the finer details but said that, “Wade's unkillable, he has a pretty laissez-faire attitude towards anything, and Death Grip is a character that has a unique approach to that stuff.”

It seems that Death Grip has a history with magic, similar to Doctor Strange, though he failed at that path and became obsessed with the idea of death. What better way to announce yourself on the scene than by killing Deadpool?

Ziglar went on to say that for Death Grip the idea of someone “unkillable” is a conflict and the new enemy wants to learn more from someone with that trait. Whether Wade Wilson stays dead is a completely different matter.

Featured Image Credit: Marvel, Disney

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