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Justice League was 'terrible', former DC boss finally admits

Justice League was 'terrible', former DC boss finally admits

The former DC president has admitted that Joss Whedon's Justice League was a terrible film.

The former DC president has admitted that Joss Whedon's Justice League was a terrible film.

While Marvel storms ahead with its fourth phase of its cinematic universe, DC is still scrambling to kick one off.

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Previously known as the DC Extended Universe and the Snyderverse by fans, DC's go at a unified film franchise began with Man Of Steel, and ended with the recent flop, The Flash.

Despite releasing some decent flicks, namely Man Of Steel and Wonder Woman, the entire universe seemingly fell through with the ambitious team-up film, Justice League. The film was initially supposed to be directed by Zack Snyder before he was removed from production and replaced with Joss Whedon.

What followed was a painfully average superhero team-up film that left a bad taste in fans' mouths, who criticised DC's decision to axe Snyder. This eventually led to the global campaign to “release the Snyder cut,” which eventually happened last year.

Now though, it seems it wasn’t just fans who were left disappointed with the film, as the former DC president, Diane Nelson, has recently admitted the film was “terrible.”

In an interview with Bleeding Cool, Nelson said: “Yeah, I mean, I thought the final film was terrible. Yeah, I mean, I would have much preferred a darker-than-I-wanted or longer-than-I'd hoped-for Zack Snyder cut than the Frankenstein cut we got in theaters. The Trinity characters of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman should have, by any measure, blown any other superhero movie away, and they didn't.”

That being said, Nelson doesn’t fully endorse Snyder’s way of making movies, going on to say: “There's a place for Zack's movies, and I would've always wanted Zack to be a part of the DC filmmaker lineup. But should he have been the one defining that universe? Maybe not, in hindsight. Hard questions.”

The future of the DC cinematic universe now rests in the hands of James Gunn, who’s taken the helm and will kickstart his new universe with Superman: Legacy.

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