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Total War: Star Wars game in development, says insider

Total War: Star Wars game in development, says insider

It's a Star War

A while back SEGA cancelled the shooter, Hyenas from Creative Assembly, to the shock of many, but it seems the studio has already moved on to their next game, Total War: Star Wars.

With the cancellation of Hyenas, and sweeping cuts across the studio, it hasn’t been an easy time for Creative Assembly, but there’s a new hope that this rumour will please fans and bring new life to the studio.

Total War: Harhammer has been very popular for Creative Assembly and SEGA

For years, fans of the Total War franchise have been begging for a Star Wars crossover and it seems, according to an industry insider, that it’s on the way.

The partnership makes a lot of sense as the company has already seen a lot of success with their work on the Warhammer franchise. Star Wars seems like a logical step.

Of course, we know nothing about the project other than it’s likely it exists. We may see a cinematic trailer sometime soon, but until then we can only speculate on what it will look like.

Total War gives players squads and battalions to guide across huge battlefields in the hope of winning skirmishes. With Star Wars in the mix, this could take us back to The Clone Wars, where more battles took place on the ground, rather than via space battles.

If you think back to the prequel trilogy, there are plenty of moments that Total War could follow, that is, if they don’t have an original story ready to go from Disney.

If we don’t hear more about this next month during Summer Games Fest, we may get to see something of the project at Gamescom in August.

This could be a huge project for SEGA and Creative Assembly given the size of the Star Wars fandom and how well the franchises will combine.

Featured Image Credit: SEGA, Disney

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