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Thousands of fans are demanding a Black & White revival

Thousands of fans are demanding a Black & White revival

Fans are hoping to see the god sim game Black & White make a comeback.

Thousands of fans are demanding a revival of the classic simulation god game Black & White.

Released for the PC way back in 2001, Black & White from former Fable developers Lionhead Studios could have been considered ahead of its time. Sadly, it's now a game forgotten in time.

From the mind of Peter Molyneux, the once famed developer now turned NFT and crypto bro, Black & White was a game that had the player essentially assume the role of a god.

Players would nurture the life of the in-game inhabitants and your ultimate goal would be to defeat your nemesis. Each campaign would potentially differ from the last with moral choices impacting the atmosphere of the game, NPCs' feelings towards you as well as your avatar.

The original Black & White did spawn an expansion in 2002 with ‘Creature Isle’, followed by a direct sequel in 2005. Sadly, there has been no word on Black & White 3. However, fans on Reddit are attempting to change that. “I WANT A NEW BLACK & WHITE GAME,” posted a very direct HitokiriK.

“I LOVED THIS GAME. I killed so many hours just checking on my lion. It accidentally went evil once and I completely dropped the game for two years,” replied spankinspinach in the thread. “So sad because B&W 1 and 2 were incredible. Miss the game so much,” said starfallradius, feeling a little sorry for themselves.

Unfortunately, the woes of players worsened with the realisation that Black & White hasn't been available via digital stores on PC for a number of years. “I'd settle for them just making the games available again... Why are these games banished to the shadow realm?” exclaimed Cleverbird.

It’s unlikely that we’ll ever see a Black & White 3 or even modern-day remasters. But we can live in hope, just don’t hold your breath anytime soon.

Featured Image Credit: Lionhead Studios

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