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The Last of Us meets Telltale's The Walking Dead in Unreal Engine 5 horror

The Last of Us meets Telltale's The Walking Dead in Unreal Engine 5 horror

The year of horror continues with the news of an upcoming Unreal Engine 5 horror game

As a self-professed horror lover, I welcome any new and upcoming horror games, no matter how bad they look. Fortunately for me and my fellow horror fans, one upcoming horror game has all the hallmarks of greatness with The Last of Us meets Telltale’s The Walking Dead vibes.

Plenty of survival horrors have taken their cues from these iconic franchises, and who can blame them? Building upon the tense atmosphere of The Last of Us, we’ve seen ambitious open-world horrors jump out at us from the shadows, demanding we play them.

The Last of Us Part II Remastered will soon land on PS5.

But this Unreal Engine 5 horror called One Way Home is giving us the chills. Some may say it has the chill factor… Ignoring my godawful puns, this game embraces the advantages of telling a story through the eyes of youth by adopting a 12-year-old main protagonist; it’s reminiscent of a young Clementine as she tries to find her way through a harsh, unforgiving world.

Few of us will ever forget the way the ending of Telltale's The Walking Dead wrecked us, our eyes raw and red from all those salty tears. It was painful, yet it was also an incredible experience. We’re not sure if One Way Home can deliver such an immersive experience, but its gameplay demo sure has us hopeful.

With the newest The Walking Dead game proving to be a massive disappointment, and The Last of Us Part II Remastered having only just been announced, we need a new horror franchise now more than ever.

Still, while we’re in need of more horror in our lives, not all who’ve seen the gameplay so far are impressed. Although we’d argue that comes with the territory, especially when dealing with indie titles. I, for one, am optimistic about this project and look forward to learning more about One Way Home as it gets closer to its launch.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment, Telltale Games

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