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Fallout meets The Last Of Us in open-world zombie survival horror

Fallout meets The Last Of Us in open-world zombie survival horror

There's another zombie apocalypse

We're slowly nearing the point where practically every shooter becomes an extraction shooter. Following the runaway success of Escape from Tarkov, the genre has been expanding rapidly.

That's what we have here, with Nakwon: Last Paradise - "a 3rd person view Zombie Apocalypse Stealth Survival game. Experience a new form of 'Post-Apocalypse Life' that you've never seen before." That's a lot of buzzwords.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 technically has two extraction modes with DMZ and MWZ

The blurb for Nakwon goes on to say "Explore Extraction Survival and gather resources from the PvPvE city, where Zombies and Survivors coexist to survive in this new societal structure." Sadly this was probably written before Modern Warfare 3 combined the series' successful Zombies mode with their DMZ extraction gameplay, so it may not be as groundbreaking as the developer once thought.

There's no release date noted on the Steam page for Nakwon, so there's definitely time to see what MWZ is doing and switch things up for their own game. Obviously, there are some stark differences, particularly in tone, but also in setting, as Nakwon takes place in Korea.

This post-apocalyptic world is full of dangers, though you'll mostly be fighting zombies from the looks of the trailer. There's shades of The Last of Us here, especially in the stealth moments on display and the tools to distract and lure zombies. According to the developers, a single gun shot will draw in "all nearby zombies" so it seems going in all guns blazing will be a mistake.

There's definitely a place for Nakwon among all the other extraction shooters that have released recently or are on the way from the likes of Bungie with their next title, Marathon.

Hopefully more details will release soon, but Nakwon is shaping up to be a welcome addition to the extraction genre.

Featured Image Credit: Nexon

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