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The Last Of Us' first episode has a devastating reference to Part 2

The Last Of Us' first episode has a devastating reference to Part 2

Is someone cutting onions in here?

The Last of Us is out now, with its first episode receiving rave reviews, and the hype is somewhere in the stratosphere for the rest of the show.

Fortunately, The Last of Us is exhibiting restraint with its interpretation of the events original game, and the showrunners have satisfied fans saying that there are "no plans to tell any stories beyond adapting the games." That being said, there are some changes, like the way that the infected transmit the Cordyceps spores, and the introduction of new characters like the revolutionary leader Kathleen in Kansas City.

Eagle-eyed viewers, like our own Kate Harrold who mentioned this in her review of the show, have in fact spotted a specific reference to Part 2 and it's an emotionally destructive one. Strap in.

Check out the trailer for the subsequent episodes here!

At the start of the show, Sarah gives Joel a copy of Curtis and Viper 2 on DVD for his birthday (the apocalypse comes into effect in 2003 this time). Joel is delighted, and funnily enough, fans have already heard of this fictional film before in Part 2. Take a look:

When Ellie and Dina are out in the snow, exploring a ruined building, there's a poster of Curtis and Viper 4 on the wall which triggers a conversation about Joel's favourite films - "cheesy '80s action movies." Ellie then explains that she and Joel were going to watch Curtis and Viper 2 that evening, however, tragically they never got to make good on their plans.

The show's Joel is different to the stony character that players have gotten to know over the course of the two games, instead opting to show the depth with which his PTSD affects him. This might mean that the ending of the first season is much more of an emotional sucker punch as Joel's morality isn't as grey as his original iteration. We'll just have to wait and see how things shake out.

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