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The Last Of Us episode 5 is the series' highest-rated by far

The Last Of Us episode 5 is the series' highest-rated by far

'Endure and Survive' is the highest-rated episode of The Last of Us so far - it was close to getting a perfect 10.

Spoiler warning: this article contains spoilers for The Last of Us’ fifth episode - scroll with caution.

Good lord, where do we even begin to talk about episode five of The Last of Us? The action, the heartbreak, the tension - it truly had it all.

The entirety of the internet has been talking about that wild horde scene near the end of the episode, which featured the big chungus of Infected itself, the Bloater. In case you were unaware, the monstrosity was made almost entirely with practical effects, which means that the whole suit is still out there somewhere. What an incredible Halloween costume that’d be.

Take a look at the trailer for The Last of Us episode six, ‘Kin’, below.

Much like every other episode that’s come before it, ‘Endure and Survive’ was also painfully sad, and Lamar Johnson (AKA Henry) definitely played a huge part in making it such. All in all, it was just a phenomenal episode, and the ratings back that up.

Over on IMDb, 'Endure and Survive' currently boasts a very impressive rating of 9.6 - you really can’t get much higher than that. To put it into perspective, episode one and two were previously tied for being the highest-rated at 9.2. While a difference of 0.4 might not seem like that much, it definitely is when over half of the episodes released so far have been within a point of reaching that perfect 10.

We’ll just have to wait and see if it can be topped - without getting into further spoilers, fans of the original game will know that there’s a lot more amazing stuff to come, and I for one can’t wait to see how it’s all adapted.

While ‘Endure and Survive’ aired two days early thanks to the Super Bowl, episode six is back on the usual schedule, which means that it’ll be released on Sunday 19 February for U.S. viewers, and Monday 20 February for those in the UK. Don't miss it.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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