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The Elder Scrolls 6 is hitting an exciting milestone this summer

The Elder Scrolls 6 is hitting an exciting milestone this summer

An Elder Scrolls 6 milestone is coming up

If you’re counting the passing months and years of news regarding The Elder Scrolls VI you may be aware that this summer the game will be hitting a bit of a milestone.

The folks over at Reddit have certainly been keeping a keen eye on it and one user has created a post stating that in late August, the game will have been in production for a year.

Skyrim is the most popular of Bethesda's games and a high bar for The Elder Scrolls VI to meet.

It may not be a huge milestone, but it’s still something for fans to hold dear and know that with each day that passes, we’re that bit closer to a trailer.

While some fans are still very excited, others are remaining sceptical after the launch of Starfield, as one Redditor comments, “With Starfield, I've lost all hope... I'm ready for it to be dog poop.”

Of course, The Elder Scrolls VI has been in pre-production much longer than a year. It’s been around six years since Bethesda began work.

The original creator of the Reddit post clarifies this saying, “By active development, I mean production, as opposed to pre-production. It has been in pre-production for six years and now in the production stage for almost a year.”

To be honest, it’s hard to know exactly where Bethesda is in development. The game will likely be one of their biggest to date and it’s going to take thousands of hours and hundreds of staff to realise their dream.

While it’s safe to say they’re busy working away on coding the game, it’s likely that things like the core story, subquests, and NPCs have been worked out.

The developers have a huge mountain to climb and the pressure is on after Starfield and the success of Skyrim, too.

Who knows when we’ll see another trailer, but it’s still exciting to know that work is progressing on the RPG.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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